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MK6 'Elite Series' Reverse Light Kit - No Error

Color Temperature

Driver Side [Rear Fog]


Tail Lights?

Confirmed Bulb Size:


vv Options vv 

CREE - Uses high quality CREE branded emitters not normally found in the market today.
OSRAM - These are slightly better quality vs the CREE and are slightly brighter and are the same brand of LED's used in Volkswagen and Audi OEM LED Tail Lights.


4300K Soft White - (Much whiter than OEM bit with a very faint yellow tint, the brightest with the most useable light output.) 
5000K Pure White - (Pure white, no yellow or blue tint. Slightly less intense light vs 4300K but more than 6000K.) 
6000K Hyper White - (Modern White, slight blue tint. Slightly and less useable light of the other two white options.)

Euro Rear Fog: 

Red Euro Fog - For those with the OEM+ bug, we can switch one of the white reverse light for a red emitting LED bulb for those with the rear european fog light. Use of the whiter than stock LEDs results in a PINK euro rear fog. Keep it safe, keep it red.

If you've any questions, do not hesitate to ask!


Two years from purchase date!

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is this a 7440 bulb or something different? I searched and this came up

This is infact a 7440 bulb. If you need a 921 bulb simply put the 921 bulb as your bulb size and we'll send the proper LED bulb [some EU spec and aftermarket tail lights use 921].

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