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VW/Audi 'Elite Series' Reverse Light Kit - No Error

Color Temperature

Driver Side [Rear Fog]

Passenger Side


Bulb Size [Per Manual]:


vv Options vv 


4300K Soft White - (Much whiter than OEM bit with a very faint yellow tint.) 
5000K Pure White - (Pure white) 
6000K Hyper White - (Modern White)

Euro Rear Fog: 

Red Euro Fog - For those with the OEM+ bug, we can switch one of the white reverse light for a red emitting LED bulb for those with the rear european fog light. Use of the whiter than stock LEDs results in a PINK euro rear fog. Keep it safe, keep it red. By default we select the OSRAM emitters for that PERFECT match to OEM LED Tail Lights!

If you've any questions, do not hesitate to ask!


Two years from purchase date! 

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The application of this bulb, red or white, has been tested for continuous use as rear fog lamp? It won't melt the lamp housing? The LED can handle the continuous use? Thanks.

Thank you very much for your question! These have in fact been used and tested for continuous use as rear fog as well as brake, reverse, and fog light applications as well. While our website does not list them yet, we're working to add these over the coming year. These do not get hotter than a normal incandescent bulb, but it's important to ensure you have proper clearance from any plastic surfaces for various applications as the dimensions of the LED bulbs differs from your standard incandescent bulbs. We've not yet had a single report of melted, burnt, or distorted housings due to our LED products. If you'd like to know more about ALL of our options, feel free to click the black 'Contact Us' tab on the left side of our page and ask away!

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