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DLI-Teknik Engine Mount Group Buy v9.0 [All Makes/Models]

Upper Engine Mount Set


*** Group Buy v9.0 ***

Group Buy End Date 08/31/2017

Full Price Directly from DLI Teknik 
[Varies slightly due to exchange rate]

MKV R32 $635 + ~$50 Shipping
MKIV R32 $525 + ~$50 Shipping


These prices include shipping from Sweden to the United States AND includes shipping from us to your home. You'll pay NO additional cost for shipping unless you're outside the continental United States or in a different country [we can cater shipping to all countries if desired]. Below is a list of each chassis available and a photo of the mounts you will get for your chassis. Your purchase is for a COMPLETE SET of DLI-Teknik upper engine mounts for your chassis. DLI-Teknik does not offer full lower transmission mount replacement but they do offer inserts for the bushings. We do not get a discount on the bushings for the lower mount but you save on shipping cost to add it to your order.

WHY these mounts? 
Why not VF Engineering or BFI or <insert company name>? These mounts offer an excellent compromise over function and comfort, giving you an excellent reduction of engine movement comparable with VF's mounts without the overbearing vibrations associated with your normal poly bushing mounts through the use of a spring dampener. The stiffness of the spring allows for very little engine movement while negating much of the vibrations as they travel through the spring. In fact, spring dampeners are used in a wide variety of industrial applications to reduce vibrations and energy transfer [for example, skyscrapers use them in their foundations and industrial machines often use them for vibration isolation.] 

These do not provide and OEM like ride, but do allow you to run a stiffer set of motor mounts with vibrations better contained. The construction and design gives the driver a new connection to the car that until now could only be achieved with the use of solid engine mounts in the form of subtle aural feedback.

Building Material
These are made out of aluminum, high tensile steel, and stainless steel. The engine's weight is not only carried by the spring but also a stainless steel wire mesh dampener column inside it that works as a "bump stop".

Operating Temperatures
Being an all metal mount, the operating temperature range are from -90°C to +300°C [-130°F to 572°F] which gives additional flexibility for turbo placement without concern of damaging poly inserts. Even the admittedly spectacular Delrin inserts for VF's engine mounts are limited to operating temps of around ~200°F.

Again, being an all metal design, these are VERY durable and have been in production for over 10 years with their first product design being made for the MK2 Golf. A repair kit IS available in the rare instance that you need one, but in the history of the company they have only sold ONE such kit and that was because they were removed from a wrecked vehicle and reused. 

Time Frame
The anticipation of receiving these mounts are mid-September 2017 or sooner, these ships is batches of 5 sets [10 mounts total] at a time, if the first 5 sets are placed in a week then we place the order and it ships out right away [it doesn't wait until the Group Buy is over]. This is a unique opportunity to save some money and get a unique set of motor mounts that will perform amazingly and last a long time.




Volkswagen MK2 Golf/Jetta [All Motors] All Three Upper Motor Mount Set - [DLI-0102/DLI-0104/DLI-0110]
Engine: 1V, 2X, 9A, ABN, EZ, GU, HZ, JP, JR, ME, MF, MH, NU, NZ, KR, PL, PF, PG , PL, PN, RA, RD, RF, RP, RV, SB      Note: Front Upper motor bracket must be drilled from 11mm to 12mm.







Volkswagen MK3 Golf [All Motors] All Three Upper Motor Mount Set - [DLI-0106/DLI-0108/DLI-0110]
1Y, 2E, AAA, AAC, AAM, AAZ, ABD, ABF, ABS, ABU, ABV, ADZ, AEA, EPA    Note: Front & Rear Right Upper motor bracket must be drilled from 11mm to 12mm.





Volkswagen MK4 Golf [4CYL] (1.9TDI/1.8T/2.0l) Motor Mount Set - [DLI-0111/DLI-0113]






Volkswagen MK4 Golf [6CYL] (2.8l/3.2l) Motor Mount Set - [DLI-0111/DLI-0115]
AGZ, AQN, AQP, AUE, BDE, BFH, BML, RSI      Note: Only fits 5/6 cyl Motors





Volkswagen MK5 Golf [4CYL] (2.0T) Motor Mount Set - [DLI-0117/DLI-0116]




Volkswagen MK5 Golf [6CYL] (3.2l) Motor Mount Set - [DLI-0118/DLI-0116]




Volkswagen MK6 Golf [4CYL] (2.0T) Motor Mount Set - [DLI-0117/DLI-0116]



FRONT Lower Pendulum Mount Insert for MK4/5/6 Chassis


FRONT Lower Pendulum Mount Insert for MK4 Chassis

Name : Anonymous
Location : Very Little vibration, silky smooth shifts
Title : Not as stiff as new VF mounts.
Review : Very Little vibration, silky smooth shifts Not as stiff as new VF mounts. Great Mounts

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